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Generator Installation and Repair

If you’re concerned about power loss or electrical surges, Bowman Electric Limited’s expert team will recommend a generator. We are a Generac Elite Dealer. Generac makes generators for homes, businesses, and portable solutions for every situation. Live in or near Kenora, Ontario? Be prepared for power loss by calling 807-468-8813 now.

Why should I buy a Generac generator?

Reliable backup power: Generac generators are known for their reliability and ability to provide backup power during power outages or emergencies. This can be especially important for people who live in areas prone to severe weather or power grid failures

Is a whole house backup generator worth it?

Whole house generators also keep your home secure. Research shows that during an extended blackout, crime rates rise by at least 23%. Having power keeps your security systems running and your lights on, chasing away unwanted intruders. Learn more about why a whole house generator is a must for your home.

Generator Installation | Bowman Electric Limited in Kenora, ON

Generating Peace of Mind

During storm season or any time of year, don’t be left in the dark. We install generators that will fit any budget or need. Our ACF Standby Systems (an NPFA70e compliant service provider) will ensure your generators turn on when needed. Through these systems, we offer remote generator monitoring, 24/7/365 emergency service, and more.

Featured Reviews

“The team at Bowman Electric was able to help me out of a situation that could have had my business shut down for multiple days. From work in nasty conditions on a roof only accessible by ladder to getting parts in overnight twice. Just super helpful, and kept me up and running when I needed it! I can’t say enough thanks to Bowman Electric!”
– Kyle M.

“Thank-you to you and your crew for your work on our new generator these last few months.  I appreciate you helping us with the fuel tank set up.  And, of course, getting it in before the end of this season.  John and Lucas were tremendous on-site, representing you and your company well.  They were helpful in  explaining and getting things done efficiently.”

– Richard O.


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